Brazil carnival: Party goes on despite Zika virus threat

Millions of people across Brazil have joined the first day of the annual carnival festivities despite concerns about the outbreak of the Zika virus.


In Recife, the city most affected by the mosquito-borne disease, more than one million people in colourful costumes have been partying.


In Rio de Janeiro, huge crowds of revellers have filled the city centre to celebrate.

The virus has been linked to a surge of brain malformations in newborn babies.


The health ministry and local authorities have been handing out leaflets alerting residents and tourists to the risks of Zika.

Over a million visitors are expected in Rio de Janeiro for the carnival celebrations, which end on Wednesday morning.


This is the first test of whether fear of contamination by the Zika virus may scare tourists from the Olympics the city will host in August and September, says the BBC's Julia Carneiro.


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